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The supplier offers a wide range of high-quality fabrics for suiting and shirting, specializing in ethnic designs. Their collection includes materials suitable for various occasions and seasons, particularly emphasizing comfortable, stylish options for summer.

How To Choose The Right Uniform Manufacturer ?

Industry Standards

Uniform manufacturers should be well-versed in industry standards, recognizing that uniforms create a lasting impression of any establishment. The uniform maker you are considering should have solid business expertise and an understanding of how different uniforms are presented across various industries.

Unique Identity

Every industry strives to establish its own unique identity, and uniforms play a crucial role in setting your business apart. Different industries incorporate unique patterns into their uniforms. Savvy manufacturers keep up with these evolving trends and designs.

Designing Creativity

Great craftsmanship is crucial when it comes to the quality of the uniforms provided by the manufacturer. Their dedication is evident in their work, so it is essential to thoroughly review their portfolio before making a selection. Designing and manufacturing uniforms creatively is a challenging task.

Cost efficiency

Cost efficiency, alongside quality, should be a key consideration. Uniforms for different industries come with varying costs, and businesses often overspend due to poor cost assessments. It's crucial to understand pricing standards before selecting a uniform manufacturer.


Trustworthiness is as crucial as skills and expertise, especially when ordering large volumes of uniforms. Many of India's most prestigious brands recognize us as the best uniform supplier in Kanpur.

After-Sales Support

We assure you that creating with us will be an enriching experience for everyone involved. Our unparalleled after-sales support ensures the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Why kanhaOverseas ?

We Provide All Types Of Customisable Uniform

Trusted Uniform Supplier

KANHA OVERSEAS, A Uniform Manufacturing, And Distribution Venture Started Three Years Back Under The Guidance Of Its Parent Company "Govind Agency", Which Is Now In Its 26th Year Of Textile Business.

Assured Quality

We never compromises with the quality of the uniforms as our main objective is to provide best product in an economic budget. we are dedicated to provide quality and best uniforms products.

Unique Design

We customize any workwear design from simple to highly detailed uniform designs. Our best quality fabrics, professional tailors and branding company logo and other printing requirements.

Finest Raw Material

We only use branded mills fabric in all kind of uniforms. We use the best raw materials in uniforms like thread, button, zip, canvas etc.

Country wide Dispatch

We are taking orders from all over India and also exporting. And, we deliver uniforms on time as a committed time with excellent packaging.

Logo Branding

Company logo, tag lines, slogan and other promotional lines are important for each work uniform to stand out and claim its identity.

what are you looking for


The Corporate Uniform is just like an identity card. It tells about the environment and nature of the companies.


School uniform is an element of distinction that students carry with themselves in order to represent their organization.


We serve organizations, companies, and Firms. Sometimes clients ask for multicolored T-shirts too so in advance we take orders.



KANHA OVERSEAS, a uniform manufacturing, and distribution venture started three years back under the guidance of its Parent Company "Govind Agency", which is now in its 26th Year of textile Business.

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Uniform Manufacturer products



Kanha Overseas takes pride in delivering top-quality school uniforms designed to combine comfort, durability, and style, ensuring students look their best while feeling confident and at ease throughout their school day. Our uniforms are meticulously crafted from premium fabrics and tailored to meet the specific needs of educational institutions worldwide.


Kanha Overseas is dedicated to providing stylish, functional, and comfortable uniforms that enhance your corporate image and meet the needs of your employees across various roles and industries.



Kanha Overseas Uniform Manufacturer can create stylish, functional, and cohesive uniforms that enhance the professional image of the hotel and ensure the comfort and practicality needed for each role.


Kanha Overseas offers a comprehensive range of high-quality healthcare uniforms designed to meet the rigorous demands of medical professionals. Our uniforms combine functionality, comfort, and durability, ensuring healthcare workers can perform their duties with ease and confidence.



Kanha Overseas is a renowned uniform manufacturer specializing in high-quality, custom-designed uniforms for various industries. With a strong commitment to quality, durability, and style, Kanha Overseas provides uniform solutions that meet the specific needs of different sectors, ensuring comfort and functionality for all users.


Kanha Overseas offers high-quality, customizable T-shirt and cap uniforms designed for comfort, durability, and style. The T-shirts feature a blend of cotton and polyester with moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties, available in crew neck or polo styles. The caps are designed with adjustable straps and pre-curved brims, offering excellent sun protection and comfort. Both the T-shirts and caps can be customized with logos and additional features to meet specific branding requirements.
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